Quick and short, tomorrow's post is going to be fairly huge and time consuming. Expect it by Saturday afternoon Tueday night as I fail at getting certain screenshots, and I NEED them to be proper, also I've been working on it most of the evening and still nowhere near done, it's almost 3am btw :p. I will restate this though, Post XIII and XIV are the last NDA breakers. We decided to do up to 14 to give thanks to 14 for existing and to allow SE to build up some more anxiousness in it's playerbase rather than ruining everything prior to release. 67 days left till Retail CE release and I'd like not to be a part of ruining someone's dreams of FFXIV. These posts were to give the fans the information they craved of Alpha and Beta and bits of Retail. I wouldn't my dreams ruined, my excitement ruined so I won't do the same for a fellow fan. After XII and XIV posts we will continue to post but only with teasing information :) Call me a dirty tease, it's okay, I'm used to it.
http://ffxiv.xion2u.net/ Enjoy :) Apologies ahead of time for forgetting certain shots. I was too excited.

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  1. Can't wait for the post today!

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